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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my event times not showing up correctly in other calendars like google calendar? Make sure you have set the proper time zone in your lodge settings. Some calendar systems require this to properly display your event times. What functionality is there for Grand Lodges? eMasonic will provide special functionality to Grand Lodges if a majority of their constituent lodges are using eMasonic. There is a verification process that much take place before Grand Lodge level access can be granted. How does eMasonic handle plural membership? It handles it quite well. Each mason has only one account to log into the system, however multiple lodges can link to his account. This way a brother updates his information for one lodge, it is updated for all lodges. Do I have to be the lodge secretary to set this up? No, eMasonic is designed such that any member of a lodge can quickly and easily configure it. It is a good idea to add both the secretary and master as lodge administrators. The secretary can usually fill in any information about members that you do not have. How do I restrict invitations to tyled events to just masons of the required degree? For each mason entered the system, you may specify which degree they have achieved. When you define an event, you can choose which degree the event is tyled on. When announcements and reminders are sent out, they will only be sent to masons of the appropriate degree and up. Where can I see who has made a RSVP for an event? To review RSVPs, simply go to the event detail page to see everyone who has responded to the announcement. Declinations are also shown, as well as the number of guests specified. How can I accept payment for events? Just enter a paypal email address into your lodge settings. This will enable paypal payment links when someone RSVPs for an event. eMasonic does not act as a payment processor and your payments will go directly to your own paypal account. How is my data stored? eMasonic uses Google Cloud SQL for it's database engine and Amazon S3 & SES for file storage and emails. These are the same enterprise grade systems that drive services like NASDAQ and Netflix. How much does eMasonic cost? eMasonic is a free service. It is an online tool with negligible overhead and does not require any revenue streams to stay online. How can I export my data? Most screens have PDF or CSV buttons that let you export the data on that screen to an easily printed document or standard format data file. How are loans tracked? There is always someone who comes to dinner with no cash and wants to pay next month. For these cases, you can select loan as the payment type and a debit ledger entry will automatically be created in the loans ledger book. When the loan is paid, simply create a credit entry to balance the loans ledger. How do the accounting features work? eMasonic includes a very basic accounting system. You can create an unlimited number of books for isolate different sets of ledger items. Some books are created automatically such as donations and loans. Why does the degree option only go up to the 3rd degree? The only degrees that are relevant to the blue lodge are the first, second and third degrees. All other degrees are for appendant bodies not supported by eMasonic. How do I set this up for scottish rite or shriners? eMasonic is designed exclusively for use by the Blue Lodge. If you would like a version of it made for a larger organization such as the shriners or scottish rite, please contact us to discuss it further.
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