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Privacy Policy

eMasonic does sell, trade or in any way distribute your personal information to third parties. eMasonic will use your email address to send you notifications and system messages as defined by the lodges which you are associated with. The information you enter or that which is entered for you by another user will be accessable by other users that are connected to the same lodges as you are. The general public cannot access your information without being connected to your lodge, nor can search engine spiders or automated data collection tools. If you already have an eMasonic account and another user attempts to add you to their lodge by entering you email address, they will initially be able to see your first and last name only. Additional information such as phone numbers and any other data fields will be withheld until you confirm that you trust that lodge and give permission for them to access your entire set of data. This is requested and granted via email. Prospect information will be shared with all contacts that are connected to the lodge for which those prospects were entered. Event information may be publicly accessible it is shared through our website calendar plug-ins. It is common for lodges to publish their calendar publicly on their website. Individuals outside the eMasonic system are not able to access any of your personal information via a shared calendar plug-in. eMasonic makes reasonable efforts to ensure the security of your private information. eMasonic does not make any warranties or guarantees about your personal information or entered data. eMasonic should be used at your own risk and will not be held liable for any data breaches resultant from hackers, viruses, data loss, system failures, or any other reasons.
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